List of Weekend Jobs Near Me for Students

As students, it becomes really difficult to fit jobs into busy school and social schedules. Many students are not just focusing on their studies but also trying to find jobs to pay for their bills and tuition fees etc. But a job isn’t all about making money. Multiple studies have reported that many students who have part-time jobs get better grades than those who don’t work. Getting better grades obviously result in students getting better and quick internships and so on. Finding a job can be really tough for students but this list of weekend jobs near me for students will help you get started immediately.

Best Weekend Jobs Near Me for Students

Between classes and having fun with friends, you need a job that obviously works for you and makes things easier for you. It can be hard at times trying to fit a job into your tight schedule. You need a job with flexible working hours so you can also get your studying done when there’s not too much workload. Having a job will enable you to pay your own rent, tuition fees and buy things you love. There are many perks to having a job but most importantly it makes you responsible and independent. Therefore we have rounded up a list of weekend jobs near me that fit well with a student’s schedule.

Animal Caretaker Weekend jobs Near Me

If you are an animal lover, this is the perfect “weekend jobs near me” for you. You will have to take care of animals, feed them, groom them or be a dog walker. You will make around $10-11 an hour doing this job.

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Babysitter or Nanny Weekend Jobs Near Me

Babysitters take care of kids and work on weekends or exclusive nights when parents are out having fun or attending some gala. Nannies look after children when their parents are at work. Getting a job in a daycare center is also a good option. These weekend jobs near me are perfect for those who love kids or miss their siblings and want to hang out with children. You will make around $11 an hour.

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Brand Ambassador Weekend Jobs Near Me

Brand ambassadors get paid to promote the brand or product. Have you ever seen people handing out free stuff around campus or giving free drinks around town? That’s what a brand ambassador does for a living. These weekend jobs near me are suitable for someone who likes to interact with other people and know how to communicate. You will make around $13 per hour in this job.

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Bookkeeper Weekend Jobs Near Me

Many big and small businesses need a person to manage their figures and data. A bookkeeper records their update statements and financial transactions using spreadsheets or other bookkeeping software. These weekend jobs near me are best for people with good mathematics and management skills. You will likely get paid around $19 per hour as a bookkeeper.

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Security Guard Weekend Jobs Near Me

As a security guard you could keep check at some bank, museum, event, school etc. You can also be a bouncer and check ID cards at a bar. These weekend jobs near me will help you make around $12 an hour.

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Tutor Weekend Jobs Near Me

If you scored really high in SATS or are good in studies in general, you can start tutoring other students in high school or even your classmates. These weekend jobs near me are easy to find and will help you generate around $13 per hour.

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Landing a job while completing your degree is obviously not an easy task. Start by making different versions of your resumes tailored according to the jobs that you like and want to get. Look for weekend jobs near me on Google or ask your fellows and start applying. Best of luck with your job hunt.

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