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How can I make money writing online from home?

Writing articles and making money online from home is an Ocean of opportunities! Although there is an ocean of opportunities to make money online writing, it is also one of the ways to make money online that is bursting at the seams. Yes, just like affiliate marketing, writing to make money online is rather saturated, and comes with explosive competition.

But, not to worry just yet. I have the solution you have been looking for after years of research, and mostly failing. Yes, I failed for nearly a decade to make money online. From one method to the next, and one strategy to the other.

But I finally found, among others, a winning formula to make money writing on Medium. Yes, I know, your first question might be. “But what if I am not eligible for the Medium Partner Program (MPP)?” Rest assured, I am also not eligible for the MPP, but you don’t need that to make money writing on Medium!

All you will need to make money online writing with Medium is a willingness to write. Not only am I going to show you the alternatives to earning without the Medium Partner Program. I am also going to share with you what to write about so you can attract the most attention!

Writing and making money on Medium without the MPP.

Although there are many writers who are eligible for the Medium Partner Program (MPP), many of us are not eligible. So, I had to figure out a few ways to make money on Medium outside the MPP. With Medium being one of the few sites that allows you to share affiliate links, that was my obvious first choice.

But there are rules, and I strongly suggest you read The Medium Rules before you start your journey. If you do not follow the rules, instead of making money writing you will get your Medium account suspended. Please take your time, do not rush this in an attempt to “make money faster”.

There is no such thing as “getting rich quick” or “getting rich overnight” unless you win the lottery. And we all know the chances of that. My strategies are sound because I am personally making money online with writing and a few other activities.

Among the ways to make money writing on Medium, you will find the following. But you might want to read more on my Medium articles, which you will have access to in the footer of this answer shortly. There are several articles, so you might want to work your way through them and find the specific ones that will answer your questions.

  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Receiving Tips Through PayPal.
  • Giving Away Free Stuff.

Let me just clarify the “giving away free stuff”. With this, you can give away free eBooks for instance to subscribers, and then include your affiliate offer in the eBook footer. But we will be covering that next under the upcoming topic “Thinking you are not good enough of a writer!”.

This is where I will assure you that you are good enough to write on Medium, or anywhere else for that matter. But I am also going to share with you the best kind of content to write on Medium. That way, you will have a bit of a head start with making money and writing on Medium.

Lastly, to assure you that you can in fact make money on Medium with affiliate marketing for instance. As seen above, a screenshot of my first earnings on Medium with Warrior Plus. Now it might not seem like much, but I can assure you that $137.58 is more than what many Medium writers are making with the MPP per month!

But I have also made money with Clickbank products on Medium. Because there are several proven ways to make money online writing. Writing itself is just the primary structure of how you want to make money online. From there, the options are endless!

Thinking you are not good enough of a writer.

Just stop already, stop doubting yourself! None of us started out as professional writers. Most of us had to write for years before reaching the “professional writer” category. The only secret is that you need to start writing, and you want to focus on the topics mentioned below.

  • Poems And Poetry.
  • Short Stories.
  • How-To Guides.
  • Step-By-Step Guides.
  • Solutions To Problems.
  • Answers To Questions.
  • Free Stuff.

Always remember that the more you write, the better you become. So just start writing and by next year this time you will be astonished at what you have achieved. Find out what your audience is looking for, and then come up with the kind of solutions they are looking for.

If you want to make money online, be it with writing or otherwise. You must first become a problem solver, not a salesman. Once you start solving problems, the sales will just start “happening” automatically. Gain your reader’s trust first, and then they will start buying from you.

What is the best paid-to-write site?

You can create a free blog from Blogger, WordPress,…etc. Design your content in such a way that search engines and users are forced to be attracted to it.

studads make money

The website StudAds like Google Adsense is the best way to get paid for your blog.

Why it is better than Google Adsense?

Many people have put up this question. I answered this question very simply.

Google Adsense will never approve any new blog until you have 100 visitors per day and your blog should be 6 months old. Its minimum payout is $100. It is difficult for beginners to get paid.

So, How do resolve this problem?

I have a better option to overcome this issue. StudAds on the other hand is the best for beginners. It approves your affiliate account within 24 hours whether it is old or new.

I am getting a maximum 80% affiliate commission which is the highest in the industry. Also, another plus point is its minimum payout is only $10. So, you can earn money soon.

What if my Google Adsense Account is suspended?

Don’t worry. You can restart your earnings from here. And this is easier to handle than Google Adsense.

How can I get Started?

In this section, I will describe step-by-step guidelines for starting your earnings through your blog.

Go to StudAds and Create an account as a Publisher. Pay your attention here, You need to create a publisher account. Many people are misled when they create an advertiser account. Advertiser account is only for advertising not for earnings.

So I repeat this statement here. Create a Publisher Account.

Now verify your account by providing them with any of your ID proof like PAN Card, Driving License,….etc.

Just wait for approval of your account. It will hardly take 24 hours. After approval of your account, You can choose the types of ads that are to be displayed on your blog.

Now copy the generated ad code and paste it on your blog’s HTML section. That’s it.

Now you are ready to earn money. Your blog is now successfully monetized. You will be paid for each natural click done by the visitors coming to your blog.

But Here are some rules to follow to avoid disabling your account:

  1. Don’t click on ads many times by yourself as these clicks will be considered fake clicks.
  2. Fake clicks will never earn money for you.
  3. Don’t forget to submit your IDENTITY.

If you have done all correctly, You are now ready for earnings from your blog. Go to the dashboard to see your earnings increasing day by day.

Best of Luck!

What are the qualities of a good article?

With over a billion articles available on the internet, it is extremely difficult to get traction. Some of the following characteristics make an article stand out.

An attention-grabbing headline is one of the effective qualities of an article. This ensures that the target audience is going to read your article. It should grasp the attention of the reader immediately by proper wordiness.

Clarity is another important attribute and it is all about conveying your message through clear and precise words. This develops engagement and transparency and ensures that your audience understands what they read.

Coherence between headlines, subheadings, and content is a very important quality of a good article. Articles without coherence are understood poorly and also seem illogical to the reader. Coherence makes an article consistent and improves readability. Relevance between paragraphs creates the structure of the text making it a very significant quality.

It is very easy for an article to be dismissed by a reader because of the density of articles on the internet. Hence creativity plays an essential role and represents the individuality of an article. The inclusivity of keywords and key phrases ensures creativity but they should not be too dense to be understood by the audience. It also helps with the fluency of sentences and creates a proper flow within the text. The flexibility of style and approach being inclusive of an article promotes communication.

Well-researched, analytical, and informational articles always make an impact on the reader. They engage the audience. Bullet points and bold headings emphasize the content and make an article easier to skim through.

Duplicated content is prevalent on the internet. A good article contains originality and is expressive on its own. Plagiarism can sabotage your target audience and can greatly affect readability. Therefore a good article possesses these qualities and grasps the attention of the reader.

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