Regardless of the type of job you are applying for, there are some questions that are guaranteed to come up and are sort of like universal questions. At the top of these universal questions list is “tell me about yourself”. During an interview, this is the first question that employers ask and therefore it is a great chance for interviewees to make a great first impression. Most people dread this question because they do not understand what exactly it is that the interviewer is looking for but if you prepare yourself properly, you won’t get frustrated by this question. This question basically provides you with the opportunity to set the tone of the interview and highlight the skills and points that you want the interviewer to know. Do not simple dive into your resume or start telling about your favorite movies etc. Use this opportunity to show them why you are the perfect fit for their company.

What the Interviewer Expects When they Ask Tell Me About Yourself

When the employer asks you “tell me about yourself”, he/she is actually trying to start the interview easily with an open-ended question. The goal of the whole interview is for the interviewer to find out enough about you to decide whether you are suitable for the job opening or not. The employer wants to like you because he/she wants to find the perfect candidate fast but they are also on alert because a bad hire will result badly for them. Usually the interviewer is hoping that this casual question will get you talking. This question will make your first impression on the employer and if answered correctly, will let you lead with your greatest selling points.

How to Correctly Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

When answering the question “tell me about yourself”, try to keep it focused and short. Make sure it is no longer than 2 minutes. It is difficult to highlight all your abilities and resume in two minutes so you will have to come up with a way to start the interview on the right note by presenting yourself in the best possible way. When planning the right answer for this question, make sure you highlight your selling point for the job and why you want the job. Try to focus on the qualities that are required for that job description and explain how you meet those job requirements. You can end the answer with why you think that you are perfect for this role or job.

The Formula for Answering “Tell Me About Yourself”

There are three things that you need to keep in mind when answering the question “tell me about yourself”. The three things are:

  • Who you are
  • Highlight expertise and skills
  • Why you want this job

When asked the question “tell me about yourself”, your opening statement should tell who you are professionally. It should give a sense of your personality and should show off your strengths. Do not ever think that the interviewer has read your resume in depth so mention some qualities that you think make you the best fit for the job. Try to emphasize on performance and expertise. End the answer to this question by telling them why you are here in the first place and why you want this job.

Therefore during an interview, when you are asked the question “tell me about yourself”, do not hesitate and answer it concisely and with confidence. The key is to practice as many times as possible and be prepared for any type of follow-up questions.

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