Apple iPhone 15 Launch Live-Stream Today

Apple iPhone 15 Launch Today at 13:00 PM

The latest model of Apple iPhones is finally upon us and we will get to see it live tonight at 13:00 PM USA time (UST). As always, the launch will be live-streamed on Apple’s website as well as YouTube.

The event, titled “Wonderlust” is possibly a play on how the new iPhones will be a fascination. Speaking of the iPhones, we expect to see the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and the Pro Max at this event, though some have speculated that the Pro Max may be renamed to iPhone 15 Ultra with extra upgrades.

But that’s not the biggest change coming this year. All of these iPhones are finally losing their established Thunderbolt ports in favor of USB C thanks to the EU Bidding that forces OEMs to sell devices with USB C ports. However, knowing Apple, you will most likely have to get Apple-certified cables to charge the phone.


Furthermore, the iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra), is expected to feature a periscope lens for the first time ever, which may cause shipments to be delayed until October. Even with the delay, the phone is expected to be available in limited amounts.

The Dynamic Island is said to be to come to the regular iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, while the Pro and Pro Max will have titanium frames. All iPhones will also have an action button.


Apple iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max


How much will New iPhone 15 Pro cost

Apple will uncover the new iPhone Pro models at a send-off occasion tonight. Long periods of breaks and reports have nearly uncovered the total image of the upcoming phones. Nonetheless, one thing that stays a secret is the cost. There have been reports recommending that there will be cost climbs for the models sold in the US. In the US, the iPhone 14 series began at $799.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus Changes

The standard iPhone 15 models are in for a few critical upgrades. Express farewell to the comfortable score that has been with us since the iPhone X series; it’s clearing a path for the Powerful Island, presented without precedent for last year’s Star model. This change vows to extend your screenland and trim down those bezels. Furthermore, reports recommend an incredible redesign of the essential camera from 12 MP to 48 MP. cable the very one that fuelled last year’s Star models. Furthermore, prepare yourself for a change – both non-Genius and Master models are reputed to take on the USB Type-C port, dumping the Lightning cable.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

The Pro models will flaunt another titanium outline, replacing the stainless steel, promising solidness without the additional weight. As a matter of fact, the phones are supposed to lose 10% of their weight. What’s more, in the camera division, the iPhone 15 Master Max is set to present a periscope focal point offering 5x-6x optical zoom. Indeed, even the Pro models will switch over to the USB Type-C ports.

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